Friend by Kim Goldfarb
Knowing by Kim Goldfarb
Lifted Up by Kim Goldfarb
Lifted Up
Brainstorm by Kim Goldfarb
Kim Goldfarb

Artist Statement

"I am an artist who is a story teller. I use images instead of words to draw the viewer into an alternative reality. Here humans, and sometimes animals, interact in ways that seem familiar, yet not. It is an emotional space where you are asked to feel your way rather than intellectualize.

I primarily work in oil and mixed media on board. My favorite tools are steel wool, rags, clay scrapers, oil sticks, and my fingers. Brushes are seldom used. I enjoy the physical nature of my work, often placing the board on the floor, pouring, splattering, and scraping the paint. I intuitively pull images from the marks and stains. In this act of surrender I temporarily suspend my conscious mind and allow the whispering of the muse to guide me."