Sandy Ostrau

Artist Statement

"In my art, I take scenes of every day life-- people, places and activities-- and reduce them to their fundamental elements. At a certain point, specific content is not that important or even relevant, but rather what appears to be going on. This sense of ambiguity or vagueness allows for a range of interpretations. I use texture to create a sense of dimensionality, a perception of three dimensions in two, thereby inviting viewers to "step into" each composition as if they were actually there, and to participate in their own narratives.

Many of my paintings invoke feelings of solitude or even loneliness.  The figures appear connected but often seem to be looking away from one another, absorbed in their own lives. At other times, figures seem to be waiting for someone to arrive or for an activity to begin. Whatever the circumstances, there's always an outcome awaiting discovery.  

With my ever-present sketchbook, I observe alone, recording actions and interactions at a distance. Blending in the settings-- the trees, water, and other surroundings-- I translate my observations into paintings."