Scott Switzer

Artist Statement

At this point in my pilgrimage, I no longer aim for academic mastery in recording nature I want to use the skills I have developed along with spontaneous intuition, abstraction, and symbolism to capture the essence of nature and how I identify with it – I want to fall in to the land dreaming rather than conquer it.
I’m drawn to parallel universes: humanity and nature and transcendence - good things like relationship, empathy, stewardship; they call into question our need for immediate gratification the things that numb us to toxic systems and exploitation. I’m painting that which is seen and unseen.

Some of my pieces are about my daily musings, some about ancient stories with a little personal symbolism thrown in. I hope the paintings awaken cosmic feelings which are not always rational; and I invite the viewer to project his/her own experience into the imagery of my work.

My goal is images of who we really are; or at times of emotions produced in us. Sometimes my paintings expose nakedness rather than cover it up. They can be like a mirror and change according to who is viewing them.

Besides a story with accompanying symbolism, I purpose to have an equally compelling abstract quality which I hope communicates directly to the soul.

Color and shape are great communicators. Just as people can’t survive without other people, colors can’t survive without interaction with other colors and shapes must have fellowship with other shapes. This concept doesn’t end with the picture frame, it spills into the environment.
My experience after 56 years is that simple is better, stronger. I don’t have to figure everything out, I just need to be genuine and be true to myself.