Thomas McDonald

Artist Statement

The beauty I see in nature gets to be that way because of the eroding forces of wind and rain and sunlight and time. Unfortunately I don’t have practical access to those powers so I scrape and spill and wash and redraw, and mix the colors and mediums right on the canvas without premeditating a result. Then I let it sit awhile before I do it all again until it starts to show me what it wants to be. The more I work, the more comfortable I get with allowing the paint to do what it wants. This would be a scary way to work if it weren’t so much fun. And if an artist isn’t having fun making his work, no one’s going to have fun looking at it. Instead of imitating the imagery of nature, I try to reproduce on a more modest scale the processes that shape that imagery. The result is still an illusion but one that’s hopefully all the more interesting for not having been consciously crafted as one. I think that allows the viewer to finish the work instead of me in the same way a vista is recreated anew by every unique pair of eyes that sees it. Not sure I can prove that, but it’s comforting to think so.