Ken Marunowski

Artist Statement

Like so many artists past and present, nature serves as my primary source of inspiration. I revel in the many “scapes” available to explore, whether land, sea or sky, and sometimes even sound. I represent this inspiration through oil paintings and drawings, usually of a modest size, though lately in increasingly larger formats. I typically explore a given subject, or motif, more than once, using repetition as a means to more fully understand it and my feelings for it. The feelings and sensations I derive from nature are, in part, what compel me to paint, for example, a sunset beaming through the leaves of a chokecherry tree or the pastel colors of spring marking a post-winter awakening. Translated onto canvas or paper, these feelings then become the image, and once the image enters the public sphere, others may share in the beauty of these lost moments, a most gratifying proposition.