Ian Factor
How does one find peace, happiness and harmony amidst the chaos of everyday life? How is the individual affected by the pressures of society and culture, and how are these pressures manifested in one’s physical body? How can universal human postures and expressions act as signposts on our way to interpreting these struggles as well as the occasional moments of calm resolve in the midst of this chaos?

Social psychology, the power within crowds and the inherent dynamic movement (dynamism) associated with these phenomena all inspire my work. I look closely at the delicate relationships of movement and stillness in the individual as well as groups functioning as single entities. My goal is to tap into and visually describe the universal expressions and postures that can be understood by anyone regardless of age, cultural background or education. A lifelong study and appreciation of human anatomy informs my decision making and technical language thoughout the entitre process.

At the core of all my work lies a deep desire to connect; connect as directly as possible, mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically to the materials and tools I use, to other human beings and to nature. This connection is my deepest, oldest passion. From it I gain my most profound sense of meaning, purpose and freedom.
It is my joy, my peace and my calm within the chaos.