John Bryan

Artist Statement

John Bryan is a Maine artist creating amazing works of art that capture nature perfectly in wood carvings that include sculpture, bas relief, mantels as well as entryways. From his workshop in North Yarmouth, Maine, John Bryan has been carving incredible works of art in wood since 1978. His studio is a place of solitude and reflection - it is where he has logged the majority of his 80,000+ hours of carving. In an age where instant gratification is the norm, John's work stands as an anachronism - incredibly detailed and lifelike works of art carved into nature's original medium: wood. These pieces can take hundreds or thousands of hours to complete, depending upon the scale and type of wood. The tools of his trade are actually 200 years old. He happened upon some Addis tools that were hand forged, hardened and annealed by artisans and left forgotten in an attic for over 100 years. These chisels are works of art on their own but John knows they can create many beautiful works of art for many years to come.

“Being able to spend my life this way has been phenomenal and has surpassed all expectations. It’s almost beyond zen. The process always invites you inward.”
— John Bryan